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We strive for security, commit to the highest standards and deeply respect your privacy.

Military-grade end-to-end encryption allows you to always stay in control of your personal messages, photos, videos, documents and no one else is able to get access.

End-to-end encrypted

Conversations, files and photos are always protected end-to-end encrypted. You are always in control of your privacy.

No Profiling

We are not creating profiles.
We are not selling analytics data.
We are not selling usage data.

Trusted Conversations

You are always able to check if your conversations are end-to-end encrypted. No third-parties are able to access your conversations.


We do not store any personal data.
Easy to understand data privacy policy.
You always have sovereignty and are in control of your data.


Transparent data storage.
Transparent encryption protocol.
Independently security audited.

Protected by EU data laws

Compliant with European data protection laws (GDPR).
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Privacy is a
must, security
is the means

Connexcom does not collect, share or sell its users data. Our business model is based on paying customers and on the trust to deeply respect and protect each users private data.

Still, we want to offer a free version of our solution to allow anybody around the world to use our solution independently from financial means. In this case we are displaying advertising without tracking your user profile nor analysing your conversations.